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Day 3

Castleton – The Final count down 26.5.17
All is quiet in the Castleton house…

Early morning call fell on deaf ears. Lots of sleepy looking faces and no noise. Surreal.
After the moans and groans and a few prompts from the staff, the children were soon up and faced with the sheer terror of having to strip down their own beds. It was no trouble though for Archie who was Mr Collin’s right hand man and had the task sorted and functioning like clockwork. Ashton East block also got swiftly into a rhythm, and Ashton North were not too bad with the exception of A6 which was still adorned with sleepy bodies, empty crisp packets, wellies and numerous odd socks! However everyone still made it down for breakfast in time. Brandon was so impressed he said he would miss the hostel and would definitely be back for another holiday – so worthy praise for the Castleton staff team who had all been great for our stay.

Josh fascinated the staff at breakfast by eating his Wheat-a-bix dry and further entertainment came in the form of a goat who joined the end table for a nibble! Mrs Duynstee sprang to the rescue, leaping across the room like Mrs Doubtfire rescuing Pierce Brosnan from a choking prawn. Alas after a nifty grab of the horns and a quick scuttle through the door, the excitement was over for the morning.

Setting off on the last jaunt group one headed up to Speedwell. Holly was particularly excited about this cave and chatted excitedly about what it might be like going on the boat. One last walk across the fields and through the village caused Ruby-Mae to comment that Castleton ought to be called Sheepton (we agree!)

Once in the boats Nia managed to bang her head – left and right! She said she
liked the second cave the most – especially the rope that smelled like a farm! (It did!)
Luke made some truly scary noises which we think may have been helped along by the Toxic Waste he’d been eating. Either that or he was mimicking the goats and sheep which he expressed a liking for – we’re not sure if that was due to the surname connection or what Mr Farihna referred to as ‘the pleasing aroma they produce’! The children enjoyed the trip and the boat ride, not to mention a final visit to the shop. Molly decided to cash in on a last stint and replenished some of her stationary – for school we hope!

Group two completed their GPS exercise then joined group one at the cavern. Oliver was on top form and took charge of the GPS – we’re not sure that all understood the coordinates, but he was sorted and ready – well done Oliver! It was hot and there was a fair bit of waiting around. Hamza was spotted by staff for his outstanding behaviour, noted again on top of yesterday whereby he showed himself to be a thoughtful and true friend to another pupil – looking out for others – thank you Hamza.

The children were sad to leave, but at the same time all ready for home. Ella commented that she was really looking forward to getting home and having a McDonalds! We think she deserves a treat as she has been a model pupil throughout!

Finally the coaches loaded, the children headed back to Rugby. It had been a hot 3 days, not without it’s events, but an excellent trip.
The children have done us all proud!
Well done children and happy half term 🙂


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    wow take me with you (づ◔ ͜ʖ◔)づ

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