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Day 3

Castleton – The Final count down 26.5.17
All is quiet in the Castleton house…

Early morning call fell on deaf ears. Lots of sleepy looking faces and no noise. Surreal.
After the moans and groans and a few prompts from the staff, the children were soon up and faced with the sheer terror of having to strip down their own beds. It was no trouble though for Archie who was Mr Collin’s right hand man and had the task sorted and functioning like clockwork. Ashton East block also got swiftly into a rhythm, and Ashton North were not too bad with the exception of A6 which was still adorned with sleepy bodies, empty crisp packets, wellies and numerous odd socks! However everyone still made it down for breakfast in time. Brandon was so impressed he said he would miss the hostel and would definitely be back for another holiday – so worthy praise for the Castleton staff team who had all been great for our stay.

Josh fascinated the staff at breakfast by eating his Wheat-a-bix dry and further entertainment came in the form of a goat who joined the end table for a nibble! Mrs Duynstee sprang to the rescue, leaping across the room like Mrs Doubtfire rescuing Pierce Brosnan from a choking prawn. Alas after a nifty grab of the horns and a quick scuttle through the door, the excitement was over for the morning.

Setting off on the last jaunt group one headed up to Speedwell. Holly was particularly excited about this cave and chatted excitedly about what it might be like going on the boat. One last walk across the fields and through the village caused Ruby-Mae to comment that Castleton ought to be called Sheepton (we agree!)

Once in the boats Nia managed to bang her head – left and right! She said she
liked the second cave the most – especially the rope that smelled like a farm! (It did!)
Luke made some truly scary noises which we think may have been helped along by the Toxic Waste he’d been eating. Either that or he was mimicking the goats and sheep which he expressed a liking for – we’re not sure if that was due to the surname connection or what Mr Farihna referred to as ‘the pleasing aroma they produce’! The children enjoyed the trip and the boat ride, not to mention a final visit to the shop. Molly decided to cash in on a last stint and replenished some of her stationary – for school we hope!

Group two completed their GPS exercise then joined group one at the cavern. Oliver was on top form and took charge of the GPS – we’re not sure that all understood the coordinates, but he was sorted and ready – well done Oliver! It was hot and there was a fair bit of waiting around. Hamza was spotted by staff for his outstanding behaviour, noted again on top of yesterday whereby he showed himself to be a thoughtful and true friend to another pupil – looking out for others – thank you Hamza.

The children were sad to leave, but at the same time all ready for home. Ella commented that she was really looking forward to getting home and having a McDonalds! We think she deserves a treat as she has been a model pupil throughout!

Finally the coaches loaded, the children headed back to Rugby. It had been a hot 3 days, not without it’s events, but an excellent trip.
The children have done us all proud!
Well done children and happy half term 🙂

Day 2

Castleton Day Two 25.5.17
The day started earlier than expected at 3.00am with Harley, Jake, Luis and William to name but a few, deciding to release a new stream of energy and engage in ‘Party in the dark’ at full volume! Mrs Duynstee and Mrs Bevan were not best pleased – having already been up until gone 12.00am – we do need our beauty sleep boys! However, revenge is sweet and the boys were decidedly sleepy come the morning wake up call…strangely their room got woken up first! Ummmm…

Such tales of lack of sleep fell on deaf ears however, as Mrs Dedman was on an ‘all nighter’, as was Mr Pattison – in by-gone times that phrase meant so much more! It wasn’t all noise however, as some of the girls – such as Mathury, Stephanie and Kacey – were well prepped with a pamper session, including face masks. Nice.

Lewis had seemed to spend more of his time in the wrong dorm, notably the girls, but the mention of a party in there was soon put to sleep by the staff as a bad idea! One night with sleep – please….!

Daniel started the day on form after spotting some rare woolly donkeys in the garden – they were bleating happily – as all rare donkeys do.
Ruby and Cassie were also on form after complaining to Mrs Dedman that someone had messed up their room. Mrs Dedman asked “Are you sure you didn’t leave it like that?”
“Oh yes,” they replied “it looked like that before.”

It would be one of those days.

Breakfast was a smooth event and the children filled their boots – a saying to run through the day it would seem, as later during the river study several had a good booty full of water. Tasha took it a step further and decided to fall in, as did Maisie who went sideways in to the water in her bright pink clothes! Blaze must have been a dolphin in a previous life as we couldn’t really get him out – anything water and he was in it!
Abbie thought that she’d never worn wellies before – not sure what she made of the experience. However Grace was like a professional who carried off a coordinated hippy chic look – very stylish!
Cameron, Yuvri, Will and Italia we think could be future geographers after their work at the river – unlike Mr Pattison who earlier on the village trail got all of his coordinates upside down! Cara is perhaps a teacher in the making after organising others all day and being chief photographer for Miss Wain. Emily was very well prepared in full waterproofs and ended the session fully wet – none of us are any the wiser as to how she quite managed that!

The day was a mix of the above said river study, a village tour and a trip to Peak Cavern. On the journey there the children wanted to know what time lunch would be despite only being an hour on from their full English breakfast, with cereal, yogurt and toast! Eating continued to be a theme with the children making their way through several ice-creams. Logan had two ice creams both nearly the size of his head, but David was crowned ice cream King after being named by Mr Collins as the fastest ice cream eater in Castleton.

Aiden and Liam seemed to be drinking through a large amount of water – Liam drank five bottles. However he did have a fleece on all day after claiming to be cold! This was much to the surprise of everyone else as it seemed to be the hottest day of the year. Ever.

The toll of yesterday’s walk hit the adults a little today – especially Mrs Bevan who had to be helped up the steps by Shazana! Every opportunity to sit down was taken and group 3 had an extended lunch with their bare feet dangling in the stream. Lovely and refreshing. Baby ducks and even 3 baby moor hens were spotted on the trail and the children enjoyed throwing crusts for them. Inside the cave Mrs Combes class were on their last legs and decided to let the man do most of the heavy rope making. All of the children did make three large ropes – which no one wanted in their bags because they were decidedly smelly! Cain enjoyed his day after being suitably impressed by the caves which continually dripped with clear liquid which was apparently ‘Just like real water’…

Up in the village the girls were on form taking up the opportunity for a bit of light shopping. Both Priya and Alexia were spotted as selective shoppers with an eye for detail and Jackie was just a shopping queen! Angel-Jade bought a surprise gift for her mum which inspired a group ‘song’ which the girls, including Miah, Ruby and Lauren chanted through the town. So catchy was this tune that Mr Pattison was singing it to staff later! Well, when we say singing…

Mr Farihna’s journey back to the YHA hostel was interesting after Millie touched a dead bird and panicked that she might have rabies. She quickly tagged Mr Farihna as (safety in numbers,) two with rabies is always better than one! Mia and Emily each took their turn in getting stung by nettles and Freya rustled up a nice grass rash. As a result both Mrs Dedman and Mr Collins were busy with the Piriton, which seems to have been this years ‘flavour’!

Tea time was dominated by the popular choice – burger and chips. The children were exceptionally well behaved – especially Jan who was so tired he nearly fell asleep in his food. After lunch it was the egg rocket challenge. We thought that Dylan’s team might win as theirs launched really well and the team seemed especially pleased, however Olivia, Beatrise, Taylor, Tamia, Ruby, Freya and Katie AKA ‘Eggcellent 8 #2’ pipped them at the post with the winning rocket. Well done ladies!

Finally it was great to hear today so much praise for the children’s behaviour. Two shop keepers commented on their excellent behaviour, as did the catering team at the hostel. One shop keeper even phoned through to school to say how impressed they were – well done BLJS year 5!

Castleton – Day 1 2017

Castleton: Day one
The day started rather busily for Mrs Combes who seemed to be inundated with lots of questions regarding ‘Who, what, where, when?’ Until she started to think ‘Why?…oh why?’ One rather worrying question – Where are the coaches? Was soon resolved and everyone set off – apart from Mr Collins – who on re-entering school for the sports kit, was very nearly left behind! However after a quick sprint – get in those fit bit steps – he was safely on board and the coaches were away.

The coach drive was the usual “Are we there yet? When will we be there? Is this it?” but everyone chose to ignore Miss Wain until eventually to her glee we arrived … 11.45am. After a quick bags down and a safety talk, it was back on the coaches to Treak Cliff cavern. On arrival at the cavern the children set of at a pace. Filip in particular bounded up the path with abundant energy, and once at the top it was lunch. Joshua started on his first of 15 courses and Blaze managed to put his hand in something dodgy and connected to the large volume of sheep.

Once in the cave Paige managed to spoil the guides moment by switching her torch on when the guide plunged the group into the darkness. The idea was that the children would scream, but it was nearly the guide that did! Everyone enjoyed a visit to the shop and Frankie wondered what the value of his piece of precious stone would be. He looked somewhat disappointed when Mrs Duynstee told him it was worth what he paid for it!

After about three hours in to the day Brandon was already on photo 22 from his second (and last) camera, so plenty of rock shots there! Kingsley was quick on the questions and managed to work out what had happened with the road – amazing as he didn’t look like he was listening to anything! On the three rock walk the cows seemed to cause some confusion – Logan asked if they were camels and one of the girls asked what they were! The theme continued when Beatrice, Katie and Amelia spotted a unicorn AKA a white pony, and when Mrs Duynstee pointed out a cute dog, Ruby asked if it was a panda! When the group took a break, Cain and Paige managed to carry on walking with a group of rambler and seemed oblivious to the calls from the group or the change in personnel! Once back on track the group headed out across the field – Thomas managed to step in the world’s largest sheep poop and several got stung by nettles – with Will learning how to use what Mr Pattison referred to as ‘old bush remedies’ aka dock leaves.

John and Katie asked if it was the first day or the second day – say no more. Emily was very organised and collected stones along the journey, however she didn’t notice the hole in the box and by the time she was back the box was empty!
Lauren ripped her ruck sack and Mr Pattison went to the rescue and carried it for her. On noting that the bag weighed ‘about 20lb’ it was decided that an investigation was needed. Inside the bag was a rather large, melon sized chunk of the semi-precious stone – tarmac! She still has it to bring home by the way.

Back at the hostel it was a quick room visit and then dinner. The two Alfie’s, Aryan and Yuvi nearly missed dinner after saying that no one told them – a dining room of 77 children and 7 adults did ‘the look’! Dinner was a busy event but Taylor, Alysia, Ellie and Chloe were exceptional well behaved and did the group really proud – well done! Mrs Bevan was surprised to find that some children didn’t know what custard was, but as it’s back on the menu tomorrow they should be culinary professionals before they return.

Mrs Combes got in quite a panic after losing her information book – but it was found … in another member of staff’s bag. Not wishing to disclose this person, she (so for once not Mr Collins) tried to ‘pin’ it on Mrs Dedman – however it turns out that Mrs Dedman can lip read and the plan was foiled! Information book back in safe hands so we’ll say no more!
After lunch the children went out for a quick play. Alyssa managed to get stuck up a tree. Mr Farihna thought that a quick shake down would do the trick, but Tommi-Louise was already at the scene and very maturely providing reassurance. Well done Tommi!

After free play the group took part in gem panning – hopefully Daniel would be able to add to the collection he’d been talking about earlier. The children enjoyed this immensely, but especially Gabriel who said that he was going to buy a Lamborghini with his panned gems. We do encourage entrepreneurs at BLJS, but best start early with that plan!

At 9.15pm and after a good old game of footy, the children were regrouped and looked shocked at the 7.45am breakfast announcement! More news on that to follow no doubt. Most of the children were hot and sweaty but Tamia, Chloe, Kira and Shania still looked picture perfect with their well planned plaits and braids.
The ghost story tales started early, as did knock door run, which the staff decided should be ‘Knock door, walk quickly, on the left hand side and with hands behind backs’ – we have to keep up those standards! As the day draws to a close it will be time to see which rooms keep going the longest! If we don’t hear them tonight, we will spot them first thing when the early morning calls begin to start another day.

And they’re off!

You will be pleased to know that our intrepid explorers have set off! You can keep up to date with their exploits as our roving reporter will be puplishing a daily article telling all the stories of the trip…… ok, so maybe not all the stories!

If you wish you can comment on the reports, the children (and staff) like to know that someone is reading them!

They’re going to have  great time!

And if you’re wondering, yes, Mr Farinha has remembered his towel!

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